Will & Estate Planning for The Self Employed

Wills & estate planning

Estate planning may not be the most exciting activity to do or to think about but it is important to plan what might happen if you died. Estate planning is the process of preparing for your death and what will happen to your assets, which could include property, shares, savings and for the self-employed

Estate planning for business owners

For business owners, the estate planning process can be very complex, especially if the company is only small and has no other partners. There are lots of elements to think about including business assets, business liabilities, shareholders, and importantly, how or if the business will continue and survive the death of the business owner.

With small business owners, as self-employed individuals, it is common that pension plans or health insurance are overlooked for profit maximisation and investment back into the business. This means that estate planning becomes even more vital for business owners.

Estate planning for everyone

Business owners and everyone else alike need to prepare if they want their loved ones to be looked after in the event of their death. There are several different areas that we should all consider when planning how we want our assets to be distributed post-mortem.

Estate planning could include:

Expert estate planning advice

Estate planning can be an emotion triggering activity to undertake, but can be vital for your loved ones who would otherwise have to figure out how to distribute your estate at a time when they are experiencing grief from your passing. Alleviate some of that stress by planning your estate in advance.

Estate planning advisers at Active work with clients daily to help them with their plans and to help with decisions that may be difficult to decide, including who might have guardianship over your children if both mother and father pass away. Don’t struggle with the complex task, speak to an expert today. Booking a consultation is easy, simply…

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