Why you should plan for care

Care costs can get very expensive and whilst the council offers support to some, most need to self-fund their care provision. Planning for care is a very sensible idea for those who may struggle to cover the expense or want to protect their wealth for their loved ones.

Care options

You won’t know yet what type of care you might need or prefer in the future, but most care planning options will cover in-house care as well as residential care. So, you can focus on your options now in terms of care planning rather than worrying about the future.

An adviser from Active can help you figure out the best type of care plan to suit your current and future needs. They will discuss your current affordability whilst actively working and your wealth if you had to stop for illness or age.

Fully informed care decisions

As part of your estate planning, you need to consider the best way to prepare for care expenses to ensure you are utilising your current income, any savings as well as any assets, including property, to the fullest.

A care plan will be bespoke: tailored to you and your circumstances. That is why an experienced adviser is highly recommended. They can access options that may not be accessible to independent searchers, meaning you have access to the largest selection of care-funding plans.

Tax on care plans

If you are self-employed, premiums paid for a care plan are deductible so this can save you money. As well as this, when the policy needs to be claimed, the money will be issued to the registered care provider directly, which means you are not taxed on them.

Speaking to an adviser will help you with these tax savings as well.

Get Advice from Active

Active works daily with clients to help them plan for their future and find a solution to afford care requirements as well as other financial protection cover, including insurance and other estate planning services.

Planning for your future can protect you and your loved ones from struggling to find the required finances to provide you with the care you might need in your final years of life. Active understand how sensitive a topic this is and our team of experts will respect this at every step of the process.

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