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Mortgage for sole traders and business partners

Securing a good mortgage deal when you are a sole trader or part of a partnership can be particularly difficult. However, with the right planning and preparation, it certainly isn’t impossible.

If this is a problem you are facing then Active can help. We understand the needs of sole traders and partners and specialise in helping this community secure the best mortgage. Whether you are looking to purchase or you are looking for property refinancing deals on the market, we can help.

Did you know that 76% of private sector businesses do not employ anyone aside from the owner(s)? 56% of these are sole traders, and 20% in partnerships.

This is a huge number of people and business owners that are keeping this country running and our economy growing. Active does not want you to be distracted from running your business. This is why we take on all the stress of finding the perfect sole trader mortgage deal. Therefore we provide mortgage advice for sole traders as well as for those in a business partnership to suit you.

How to prepare for success when applying for your sole trader mortgage

Our preparation tips for successfully applying for a mortgage if you are a sole trader or part of a partnership include:

Step 1

Prepare your certified earning reports for as far back as possible. At least two years but some lenders may ask for 5 years. So best to have as many as you can. You need to show your business is profitable.

Step 2

HMRC Tax reports are required when applying for sole trader mortgages. At least last two years

Step 3

Contracts – you need to prove that your earnings will continue. Show the lender your business is safe and you can repay the mortgage. This could potentially be more important if your business has had a slower year recently.

Step 4

Use a chartered accountant to sign off your accounts, a mortgage lender will look more favourably if you do.

Step 5

Check your credit report and look at improving it before the application. Pay off as much credit card debt as possible to achieve this goal. Another way is to ensure you are on the electoral roll and paying your bills on time.

The next step...

Lenders don’t offer special mortgages for sole traders and business partners. But you can still get a mortgage without an employer verifying your income.

Use our mortgage calculator today to see how much you could borrow. This will also allow you to see what type of mortgage rate you might be able to get.

Maximising the chances of getting your mortgage application accepted as a sole trader or business partner

Wondering how to get a mortgage when you are a sole trader or partner? The answer is simple, ask Active. Our expert mortgage advisers help business owners like you every day, to find the mortgage deal that you deserve.

Getting a mortgage is harder for sole traders or partners than for employed people. More steps are needed. A mortgage adviser who specializes in sole traders/partners mortgages can help you to make your application successful. It’s doable!

We specialise in giving mortgages to people who work for themselves. Our experts only look for the best mortgages for our clients. So, you know you are in safe hands.

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