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Whether you are self-employed or employed at a company, securing a mortgage can be a daunting and fraught experience. There are so many variables that make it hard to manage, which type of mortgage is needed, what payback period, what rates are available, etc. Through our expert mortgage advisers, Active offer bespoke mortgage advice to individuals and organisations that are looking for their next property.

Some mortgage applications are straightforward and we can help you find the right deal, but more often than not there is something that makes the application deviate from the norm just a touch and can make finding a deal and being accepted for it, all the more difficult.

Securing a mortgage with bad credit history

Being accepted for a mortgage when you have bad credit is not impossible. It won’t be easy but (depending of course on the specific circumstances of said bad credit) it could be possible. It is just inevitable that your mortgage adviser will have to work a little bit harder for you but the team at Active have years of experience of finding clients with bad credit a good deal for a mortgage.

Those who have bad credit may feel like the dream of home owning is out of reach but not always. Having bad credit is a spectrum, one person’s credit may be much worse than someone else’s, yet both are deemed “bad”. Let the experts at Active look at your circumstances, they are best placed to guide your mortgage application.

First time buyers

Buying your first property is a momentous and exciting time in anyone’s life and should be celebrated. However, sometimes the whole mortgage process can seem very long, arduous, and complex. This is even how it is viewed for a “normal” mortgage on a “normal” house for a “normal” applicant with “normal” circumstances and “normal” employment status. Securing a good mortgage deal when you are self-employed is by no means easy and adding in the fact that this is your first time, adds to the difficulty.

However, Active will help you achieve this and secure an attractive mortgage deal. Being a first-time buyer does not make the mortgage process particularly any more difficult, but you will not have mortgage application experience. This adds a certain level of uncertainty and bewilderment at the whole mortgage application process.

Remortgaging your property

There are a number of reasons why someone considers remortgaging their property. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of options available on the market. Many self-employed people are worried that does not ring true for them but being self-employed won’t stop you from remortgaging your property, nor will it mean that you are destined to end up with a duff deal. As a self-employed hero who is working hard on building your business or your talents, scouring through remortgage deals with no guarantee the mortgage lender will accept your application, does not seem like a good use of time.

Active has as a team of remortgaging specialists, who day in, day out work with employed and self-employed clients to help them secure a cracking deal on their remortgage to allow them more time to focus on their businesses or whatever it is that the money from the remortgage is being used for.

Buy to let mortgages

Active works with a number of lenders who specialise in large mortgage loans and those specialising in asset-backed mortgages. Finding a mortgage adviser that understands the complexities for wealthy clients securing a mortgage, is vital if they want to get the best deal possible. Active will save borrowers time going from lender to lender, trying to find a bank who will be flexible in their requirements to suit the HNWI’s needs. Active’s proactive approach is our USP, we are working with these lenders, before the client even requests it because we want to have all available options and information at our fingertips, ready for your call.

Active has a specialist team that deals with wealthy clients every day, their flexible approach sets them apart from a standard mortgage adviser, who might not have the experience, knowledge nor adaptability to find the right deals or even a company who will lend to persons considered to have a high net worth. Large mortgage loans and mortgages for those with a high net worth are so often considered complex and tricky, we like to think of them as challenging yet satisfying when we can come up with a solution that meets the needs of our wealthy clients. Active’s team understands how an HNWI can utilise and leverage their portfolio of issues to satisfy the security needs of a mortgage lender.

If you don’t fit the mould, if your wealth means that a high street lender will not even review your application, if the house you want to buy is worth more than £1,000,000 contact Active. The specialist HNWI team is here to help your property dreams happen. Get in touch today, we thrive on a challenge.

Equity release

Equity release plans are becoming increasingly popular; the world is getting more expensive, economic environments more volatile and our populations older. The increase in the value of the ‘grey pound’ demonstrates the spending power of the older generations in our society; equity release allows the older generations to keep that spending up.

Once you hit 55, equity release allows you to cash out some of the financial value tied up in your property to improve cash flow in your later years, while you are young and fit enough to enjoy spending it.

Active can help you circumvent the minefield that is equity release, and the specialist equity release team is on hand to answer any questions from simply what is equity release to is equity release for me? Providing answers on how to apply and how much can be released and much more.

Active’s Mortgage Advisers

If you are looking to for a residential or buy to let mortgage, we have a team of specialists suited to your requirements. The teams focus on their particular areas to provide in depth and expert advice to our clients and treat each query and application as an individual case and respect the different circumstances each applicant brings.

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