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What is a large mortgage loan?

Being self-employed and applying for a mortgage comes with its own set of unique difficulties. Add into the mix that a large mortgage loan is also required, then your choice of mainstream lenders is going to be limited. Hope is not lost; you may just need an expert to guide you through the process and find a lender that offers larger mortgage loans for self-employed business owners.

How large is a large mortgage loan?

Mortgage loans of above £500,000 are generally considered to fall under the large mortgage loans category. Much higher than that and a high street lender will likely consider the loan too risky, and you will probably require a specialist lender. Large loan mortgage lenders may be willing to lend a multi-million-pound loan, as long as you can prove that you are going to be able to afford the repayments. Large loan mortgage lenders also often increase the income multiplier, often up to 7 times your salary, so there are even more benefits to sourcing a deal from one of these specialist lenders.

If you are self-employed and looking for a mortgage, you are going to have to jump over a few more hurdles to get there but it is possible. If you are looking to secure a large mortgage loan then those hurdles will be higher and trickier to overcome, however, there are opportunities to be found, if you know where to look. A specialist mortgage adviser is your source and Active’s team is experienced at working with clients from all types of self-employed backgrounds, securing large mortgage loans for their dream property purchase.

To increase the likelihood of being accepted for a large mortgage loan as a self-employed applicant, you should prepare as much as possible, paying particular attention to having as many years’ worth of accounts as possible. If you have not been trading for too long, please see our information pages on mortgages with only one year or two years of accounts.

Proof of earnings, a large deposit and a good credit score can result in a better interest rate. If you have any contracts for future work, that is also a good way of proving to your mortgage lender that this large mortgage loan is going to be affordable into the future as well.

Mortgage advice for large loans

Active has a team of mortgage advisers that are experts at working with self-employed clients, securing deals, and making their property dreams a reality, whatever the size of the mortgage required. Whether it is your first or your tenth property, Active’s large mortgage loan team will guide you through the process from application to completion.

Our expert mortgage advisers work with the UK’s self-employed business owners to find them top mortgage deals, and it is easy to book a consultation with a specialist. We will work with you to find out more about your circumstances, so we are primed to find a mortgage deal that you deserve.

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