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Mortgages for investment bankers

For anyone working within the banking industry, securing property finance can be quite difficult and frustrating. The main issue that many investment bankers encounter is that many high-street lenders don’t view your earnings and income in their entirety, including levels of varying income streams, foreign income, bonuses and shares.

At Active, our expert advisors understand all of these complexities, which enables us to approach the most appropriate lenders on your behalf, armed with the knowledge and information to secure a mortgage offer.

Hassle-free mortgage advice for investment bankers

Over the past few years the banking industry has faced tightening regulations and increased scrutiny from government watchdogs which has lead to many banks restructuring the ways in which employees are remunerated. This changes have seen a switch to higher basic salaries and a reduction in bonuses, or a deferred bonus payment structure via stock options for many investment bankers. 

Our team of expert mortgage advisers fully understand the treatment of bonus income when it comes to mortgage applications and are always up-to-date with the latest lending criteria within this industry.

Book a call with one of our advisers and find out how we could help you, no matter your circumstances.

How mortgages are arranged for investment bankers

Mortgages can be quite tricky to get your head around and figure out; what documents you need, what you need to pay, who needs to sign what, and how much money you really need to borrow.

While our specialist banking sector mortgage advisers also require a lot of this information, they have expert knowledge of the mortgage market, enabling them to minimise the amount of time you spend on the phone and in meetings.

Maximising the chances of getting your mortgage application accepted

What you need to prepare to make your mortgage application depends on your circumstances. Your initial consultation with Active will ascertain those circumstances and what they mean for your mortgage application.

For any new mortgage application you are going to need to show proof of earnings, either as an individual or through your business accounts. Gather as much of this information as you can, particularly as a someone that receives varying income, bonuses and shares.

A key area which affects all mortgage applicants is credit history. If your credit rating is not as strong or healthy as it could be, spend time doing everything you can to improve this before applying for a mortgage. This is an important indicator to mortgage providers that you are a good investment for them. The higher your credit the better rate and deal you are likely to receive.

How Active mortgage advisers help the investment bankers

Your mortgage advisers at Active are here to assist you in finding the property of your dreams and look forward to helping investment bankers like you make it happen. Arranging a consultation is quick and easy. Simply fill out our contact form and a member of the banking sector mortgage team will be in touch.

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