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What is a high net worth mortgage?

A high-net-worth mortgage (HNWM) is defined by the FCA as a mortgage given to an individual with a net income of at least £300,000 or net assets of at least £3 million. A high-net-worth mortgage offers loans upwards of £1 million.

If you fit this definition you may get your mortgage application turned down from a mainstream mortgage lender and may need to look at more specialised lenders.

Benefits of using a HNWM

Having a high-net-worth does not always mean that an individual wants to tie their cash up into property or maybe they don’t have the liquid capital available to spend on property. Interest rates are also low at the moment so borrowing is cheap and attractive to all.

Purchasing a property outright will mean tying up a large sum of money in one asset, which can be inefficient. A high-net-worth mortgage allows you to free up capital that can be invested elsewhere.

Accessing a HNWM

High-net-worth mortgages can find be difficult to obtain as the amount that needs to be borrowed to buy expensive property is more than the maximum loan (normally £1 million) that mainstream lenders can lend.

Since the 2008/2009 financial crisis the mainstream lenders are less willing and able to be flexible or to look at a potential borrower’s individual circumstances in detail, especially if they don’t fit neatly into their mortgage criteria. High-net-worth mortgages are larger and often more complex than standard mortgages, so require a specialist lender.

HNW mortgage advisers

Due to high-net-worth, you will need a bespoke and individual mortgage deal that considers your personal income and your assets as well, meaning that your circumstances are very different to standard applicants. This requires a personal approach from an expert adviser who knows the market well and can take a personalised approach to your mortgage application.

At Active, we have been working with high-net-worth clients for years and understand the nuances that this HNW brings to sourcing a mortgage deal. We know the lenders that specialise in these types of mortgages and can access deals that you might not be able to access alone.

Active’s team of HNWM advisers will find the best deal for you and your circumstances. Booking a consultation is easy and we will be there for you at every step of the process. Let Active make it happen.

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