Mortgages For First Time Buyers

Are you a first-time home buyer looking for a self-employed mortgage?

Firstly, congratulations! You are looking at buying your first house, an exciting and momentous time in anyone’s life. You will be desperate to start the journey and start exploring properties, but you are likely wondering how you can find the best mortgages when you are a first-time buyer that also happens to be self-employed.

Securing a good mortgage deal when you are self-employed is by no means easy but Active Financial will help you achieve this and secure an attractive deal. Being a first-time buyer does not make the mortgage process particularly any more difficult, but you will not have mortgage application experience.

Let us guide you through the process

Active Financial can help you; expert mortgage advisors with a wealth of experience helping first-time home buyers who are self-employed and run their own business.

We will find the best self-employed mortgage deal for you and our team of experts will be on hand with straightforward and honest advice on how to apply for the mortgage.

The best mortgages for self-employed first-time buyers can be secured with good preparation. It is up to you to make sure that you have as many years of financial and tax forms as possible to prove to the mortgage lender that you have been profitable and will remain profitable as well. You need to show the lender that you can afford the mortgage and that your business is confident in its future earnings. You can find more tips for securing the best self-employed mortgages on our blog.

As a first-time buyer, you have no mortgage history so cannot use that as proof to a mortgage lender that you have not defaulted on payments before. As a self-employed business owner, you do not have a business that can confirm the continuation of your earnings, to give the bank assurances. A standard broker may struggle to find you the deal that you deserve. You want someone who deals with mortgages every day for clients who are first-time buyers that also happen to be self-employed. You need Active.

We will make it happen for you; we will make the dream of owning your own home a reality. Before you know it, you will be knee deep in flat pack furniture and online mood boards, and you will have forgotten the minefield that is finding the best mortgages when you are a first-time home buyer, and you are self-employed.

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