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Can expats get a UK mortgage?

As an expat securing a mortgage on a UK property, you’ll find that it is not that straightforward, and your options are much more limited than as a UK resident. Many of the major UK high street lenders now require you to be a UK resident to borrow from them, tightening their lending criteria since the financial crisis of 2008/2009. However, there are specialist lenders that provide expat mortgages for UK properties, so hope is not lost.

What is an expat mortgage?

An expat is a UK citizen who resides in a country outside of the UK. An expat mortgage is a specific type of mortgage that allows an expat to purchase a property in the UK, these can be either as a buy-to-let mortgage or a standard residential mortgage.

Eligibility factors for expat mortgages

An expat mortgage provider will look into your individual circumstances, including income, employment, deposit requirements etc. They will also look at your UK credit rating, whilst not essential will help you to secure the best deal. In addition, they will look at any other financial ties that you might have to the UK. As an expat you may face more financial checks and scrutiny and the paperwork may be more time-consuming and complex.

Expat mortgage UK based advisers

Securing an expat mortgage for a UK property is far from straightforward and it is advisable to seek advice. The housing market is always changing, and you need a mortgage expert who lives and breathes for finding non-UK based clients a mortgage for a property here. Our expat mortgage advisers are here to help and guide you through the complicated paperwork and the arduous task of finding a good deal from a specialised lender, especially when face-to-face meetings are much more difficult.

Our expat mortgage advisers work with expats all day, every day so understand the circumstances and difficulties around being a non-UK resident and trying to apply for a mortgage. Booking a consultation with one of our experts is easy. Let Active make it happen for you.

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